Living the Dream

Ha!  I have finally lived the dream.  Finally I got to have take out Thai Food and play nerdy games (Settlers of Catan) and watch nerdy shows with the group of 4 guys that lives across the hall from me.  My life is The Big Bang Theory!!  ...Except for in BBT, Penny would not kick everyone's asses at Settlers.  Also, the guy who's set it is has a wheat tile signed by Wil Wheaton!!!!!  SO MUCH NERDY AWESOMENESS.


I am eating real food again!   AAAAAAAHHHHHH! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

I had chow mein noodles last night.   ...and while it felt like chewing rubber hoses with bobby pins sprinkled throughout, it felt SO good to eat things in non-puree form.  I could only open my mouth about a centimeter last night.  But now, I can open it at least two!!   I even had pizza for dinner today!  It was slow going and I've made my throat terribly sore since I don't chew well enough before I get tired and swallow, but it tasted so good to have something bready again.  That is one of the foods/flavors that was impossible to replicate in puree form.

I was so worried I'd still be on soft foods after the unwiring or stuck eating only oatmeal, or worse have a 1-2 week additional ban on chewing (!!).  But no, I am pushing through with speed.  It'll be a while til I can eat normally and without pain ...but the inconvenience of cutting my food into small thin pieces just can't even cut into my joy of eating textured food.  The novelty of the real foods will tide me over until I can open my mouth wide enough for a sandwich.

So I've had so far:
*Chow Mein
*Omelet (mushrooms felt sooo tough and hard and even the more solid part of the egg was a challenge.  The avocado on the side was perfect though)
*Lentils  (NOT gone through the blender!!  ...but still soupy enough that I could actually eat quick enough not to starve)
*Pizza!  (Super thin crust)
*Cap'n Crunch (I can fit the treasure chests in easily, but it's a large struggle to get the berries in, haha)

It's so much pressure to decide what to eat next!  ...I wish I had infinite stomach room so I could just go ahead and eat all the foods I couldn't before.

Gah!  So happy!  I'm just bouncing around.   ...the only downside of today was that I couldn't find sidewalk chalk at any store so I could go drawing at the park.

The end is nigh!

Man, I am going to miss being 112 lbs.  ...This is probably the best I am ever going to look in a bikini.  21, tan, and 5-10lbs underweight.  I even started working out my legs and butt (ASS!  ...I was going to write 'glutes' but let's not pretend I'm mature).   ...I miss pasta and burritos much more than I will miss my underweightiness though.  Also, the nutrition struggle of the liquid diet left me with a Black Swan hang nail moment the other day.  Quite frightening.

HOLY COW I AM EXCITED FOR SOMEDAY MAYBE BEING ABLE TO EAT A BIG OLE SAMMICH.   ...and a big ole burrito.  ....and a falafel pita. ...and a big ole bowl of pasta.   ...and peas!  ...Even stuff I didn't like before the wiring I am drooling over.  I'm looking at YOU Subway and beef stomach.

I'm getting unwired (all the way down in LA) on August 7th, Tuesday of next week.  I really hope I can eat good stuff very soon after.  I've heard sort of a wide array of post-wiring health.  Most were not able to chew until a few days or a week later. Some were banned from chewing for 2 weeks.  ....Some could open their mouth not even wide enough to get a baby toothbrush past their teeth.  Others could open as wide as half as wide as normal.  Most planned on eating all these great foods after the surgery and then ended up with oatmeal and pudding, swallowing their meals for weeks later.

...Oh!  And I'm gonna miss the awesome pouty lips I have from the bulky wires.  ..But again, I will be bowled over to be able to talk normally again.  Apparently that one turns back to normal immediately.

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Soooo, I am not sure whether I am going to go completely batty over this whole no solid food thing.  I've gotten to the point where none of my food options seems appealing anymore.  I am incredibly tempted to hibernate away the last 11 days ...maybe more if they decide I'm not healed.  ...Which, there is a good chance since my jaw is giving me great pain again after trying to suck through some bits of onions from a restaurant soup and some clumpy graham cracker from my blendy key lime pie.  This over-ambition is also probably why I am extra down on my diet.  The pain, and fear of even more re-injury has limited me to the soupiest of consistencies.  ...Also now I consistently dream of eating solid food.

My social anxiety is acting up a lot now too.  Which is super sucky.  I am constantly afraid that people find my words/actions/presence bothersome and that they'd really rather be elsewhere than stuck with me.  ...Which of course paralyzes my conversational skills (which buried somewhere deep, I definitely know I used to have).

I wish the day they snipped the wires I could just bite into a big burrito.  Chow down on a giant sandwich.  Now that is an end of the road celebration I could get excited for!  ...not a slow introduction into oatmeal and smoothies with seeds in them.

To Blenderize

Okay, so I did the blenderized Happy Meal.  ...and I've gone through all the good-tasting liquids.  ...and I want to come out of this with some good stories....  So on to blenderizing some more crazy stuff!

I am not quite sure what it should be next.  ...The only requirements I think are that it be relatively inexpensive to purchase and something someone would eat as a normal solid meal (...not like gummy worms and squash).

Ideas so far:
*pizza (I've heard it's disgusting, but really that just adds to the fun, no?)
*chipotle burrito (I'm thinking, if it's a vegetarian one this might actually be good ...tolerable?)
*mac n cheese (Also possibly good... but also possibly sickly rich and gross)
*taco? (oh my gosh that would be so gross ...oh man especially one of those Jack in the Box ones that's like 50% grease)
*sandwich (I only list this since I have been craving sandwiches like nobody's business.  ...I can only imagine this would end horribly though)

Done so far:
*happy meal
*apple pie
*key lime pie
*honey nut cheerios and milk

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Is it still binge eating if it's all liquids?  Binge drinking is certainly not the term....   Binge slurping I suppose.

Went to Color Me Mine with my friend Brittany yesterday and had really a lot of fun ...other than getting hungry for lunch half-way through our pottery painting marathon and being poop out of luck for food on the road.  It made me really realize how much I LOVE painting.  ...And how therapeutic it is.   It makes me really frustrated that I left all my paints down in LA.  BLARGHSNUFFLE.

Pros of liquid diet:
*Never thirsty
*If you don't like ice cream it's an excellent diet
*Super easy to eat vegetarian

*Also having to pee all the time

Mushy Rainbow

All of the foods I can eat look exactly the same other than color.  ....So here is the puree rainbow that is my diet (and even things you might already consider a puree, like pasta sauce or pea soup, have been through the blender and strainer, perhaps twice):

WHITE: cream of wheat, vanilla milkshake, cauliflower soup, white bean soup, mashed potatoes

RED: pasta sauce

ORANGE: polenta and sun-dried tomato pesto, carrots, roasted red pepper soup, fifteen bean soup

YELLOW: Indian yellow daal, mango-banana smoothie, butternut squash soup

GREEN: split pea, green lentils, broccoli soup, spinach paneer

BLUE:   n/a

PURPLE:  n/a (I tried a blueberry smoothie, but I couldn't get one spoonful past my teeth because of the seeds)

BROWN:  chipotle black bean soup, refried beans, eggplant curry

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I have a lot of despair about the whole broken jaw thing, abuse aside.  Just the physical consequences of the injury are torturous.  As a food-lover, I am wholly torn up by not being able to eat solid food... or mushy food... or food that hasn't been through a blender twice and then a sieve.  I was barely believing that I could make it to the end of my 6 week jaw wiring sentence... but even that is the minimum time it will be shut.  I could have it shut for as long as 8 weeks.  ...And today I did the real research as to conditions post-wiring.  After having my jaw shut for so long and my muscles atrophied, after they snip the wires I'll be lucky to get my mouth open a centimeter.  More than one person online recounted their failed attempts at eating a french fry after being unwired.  Another recounted and frustrated attempt to eat a bit of birthday cake that quickly ended in favor of birthday pudding.  Oatmeal was about as adventurous as I saw it get for first meal post jaw-wiring.  Apparently, it will also be painful, with possible muscle spasms, to start using my jaw again.  And the recovery time to eating sandwiches again post-wiring is TWO MONTHS.  Many people even had doctor ordered prohibitions on chewing for 2 weeks after the unwiring.  Post wiring meals were mostly slightly thicker versions of the wiring meals, or semi-solid meals swallowed just for the sake of consuming something non-liquid.

Writing 340

BAM!  Another A paper in Writing 340.  Suck on that non-math-majors.

I was really quite worried about taking this class after over a year of not writing any papers (the life of a math major and graphic design minor).  I think though, that all those hours in design class, learning good design principles and critiquing design work has immensely helped my writing.  It has surprised me how many principles of visual design apply quite similarly to writing.  Contrast, repetition, proximity, emphasis, unity, even the particularly nice quality of things grouped in clusters of odd numbers, all apply, especially when painting a mental image.


Oh my gosh you guys.  I just found out the guy across the hall is an even bigger nerdfighter than I am!

He was all, "There's this author, John Green..."   And then I got all excited about finding another person who watches the vlog brothers.  And then we did the nerfighter hand sign at each other.